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You should not attempt to dismantle the base of an iron plate. If the resistance is burned, it is a

Repairing Linen care Iron Kettle | DIY and Works
Any electrical appliance with metal parts such as frame, housing, etc., can be dangerous if not properly grounded. There may be security washing machine repairs conditions of any device by means of a simple device, as described below. Starting check the land of electrical equipment
Attach one 3V and a socket for a lamp of the same voltage to a small wooden table and make connections following the diagram shown in the picture. Connect the free end of each wire one end of a crocodile forceps.
To test any device, washing machine repairs first disconnect it from the mains; then turn on one end of the earth conductor clamp on the plug, leaving the other connected to the metal housing of the device.
If the lamp lights up with normal light intensity, this means that the ground circuit is perfect. To compare the brightness of the lamp, simply touch with a tip of the forceps washing machine repairs in the other. Complementing the test, shake the flexible wire to make sure that there is no intermittent fault on the earth conductor.
If the lamp lights up when connecting to either of the other two conductors of the plug, there is a short circuit, so it can not work with this unit, due to the risk of being hit by an electric shock. How to Repair Iron
When in irons there is an indicator light on the degree of heating device, verify that it works. It is very easy to replace this lamp when it melts. To do this, turn off the iron chain and remove the protective plastic cover of the lamp and the connection terminals, then replacing the bulb with another of the same size and characteristics, as if it were an ordinary light bulb.
To replace the flexible cord, you must first remove the cover of iron junction box - which is typically washing machine repairs secured by a single bolt - so that the leads are in sight. Turn off the old cable, remove the rubber sleeve and mount a new cable with the appropriate section to the power of iron (calculated as excess). Connect the wire correctly, given that the earth conductor (green washing machine repairs / yellow) must be connected to the respective ground washing machine repairs terminal of iron.
You should not attempt to dismantle the base of an iron plate. If the resistance is burned, it is appropriate to send iron to a competent workshop. If an iron has a water tank, turn it off before filling the tank. Use distilled or from the refrigerator thawing washing machine repairs water. Ensur-re is always that the iron is completely dry before reconnecting it to the mains. Repair Electric teapots
Once introduced the sealing washer washing machine repairs in the head element, tighten washing machine repairs the ring so that there is no spillage of water in the joint. The new element should be mounted parallel to the kettle bottom.
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