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Independent candidates registered were 68,806, including 34,605 girls equivalent to 50.29 percent

Jumlayawatahiniwa 480,029 had been wemowasichana sajiliwakufanyaMtihaniwaKidatochaNne 2012 217 587 equivalent to 45.33 percent with 262,442 boys equivalent srware iron to 54.67 percent .WatahiniwawaliofanyamtihaniwaKidatochaNne 2012 is 458,139 equivalent to 95.44 percent .Watahiniwa 21,890 equivalent to 4.56 percent yawatahiniwawotewaliosajiliwa, they fanyamtihani.
Watahiniwawashulewaliosajiliwa is being wemowasichana 182 982 411 225 equivalent to 44.50 percent with 228,243 boys equivalent to 55.50 percent. Watahiniwawashulewaliofanyamtihaniwalikuwa 397 138 equivalent to 96.57 percent. In addition, 14,087 candidates equal to 3.43 percent did not fanyamtihanikutokana and sababumbalimbalizikiwemoutoro, illness and death.
Watahiniwawakujitegemeawaliosajiliwawalikuwa is being wemowasichana 34,605 68,804 equivalent to 50.30 percent srware iron with 34,199 boys equivalent to 49.70 percent .Watahiniwa they wemowasichana 30,918 61,001 srware iron 30,083 nawavulana have fanyamtihaniwakatiwatahiniwa 7803 equivalent to 11.34 percent did not fanyamtihani.
MatokeoyaMtihaniwaKidatochaNnemwaka 2012 yalitangazwatarehe February 18, 2013 and 2013 due to sababuzakitaalamukatikamatumiziyataratibuzakuchakatamatokeo kufutwaMachi. srware iron MatokeoyaliyofutwayalikuwayamechakatwakwakutumiautaratibuwaFixed Grade Ranges. MatokeoyanayotangazwasasayamechakatwakwautaratibuhuohuolakiniyamefanyiwaStandalization.
'Flexible Grade Ranges' hutumiaviwangotofautikuchakatamatokeoyawatahiniwakwakuzingatiakiwangochaufauluchasomohusikakwakilamwaka. Hivyoviwangovyakuchakatamatokeohubadilikakilamwakakulingana and ufauluwawatahiniwakwakilasomohusika.
Katikamfumowa 'Grade Fixed Ranges' viwangovyaainamojahutumikakuchakatamatokeokwamasomoyote without kujalikiwangochakufaulukwasomohusika. Viwangovyakuchakatamatokeohutumikahivyohivyokilamwaka without changes.
Mabadilikohayoyalitokana and maoniyawadauyaliyotokana and fitiuliofanywa and Wizaramwaka 2010 kufuatiakushukakwaufauluwamtihaniwaKidatochaNnemwakahuo. srware iron Six kwakuzingatiamaelekezoyaTumemaalumiliyochunguzadosarizilizojitokezakwenyematokeoyamtihaniwaKidatocha Also in 2012 katikasomo of IslamicKnowledge.
5.2 ShuleKumizamwishozenyewatahiniwa 40 nazaidi
17, or
Form Four Examinations (CSEE) and Knowledge (QT) for the year 2012 were held across the country starting on 8 to 25 October 2012. I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce the results of that examination srware iron as follows:
Total 480 036 candidates were registered to make Test Form Four in 2012, including 217,583 girls equivalent srware iron to 45.33 percent with 262,453 boys equivalent to 54.67 percent. Candidates who did test Form Four 2012 is 456,137 equivalent to 95.44 percent. Candidates 21,820 equivalent to 4.55 percent of all registered candidates did the test.
The school candidates who registered is 411,230, including 182,978 girls equivalent to 44.50 percent with 228,252 boys equivalent to 55.50 percent. The school candidates srware iron who have done the test were 397,136 same as 96.57 percent. In addition, 14,090 candidates equal to 3.43 percent did not test due to various reasons, including absenteeism, sickness and death.
Independent candidates registered were 68,806, including 34,605 girls equivalent to 50.29 percent with 34,201 boys equivalent to 49.71 percent. 61,001 candidates, including 30,917 girls and 30,084 boys have done a test while 7730 candidates equal to 11.23 percent did not test.
Quality of performance by looking at the bridges they have candidates of school shows that a total of 23,520 candidates have succeeded in classes I - III of whom are girls and boys is 16 342 7178.
The quality of school performance is scheduled by using the criterion of "Grade Point Average" (GPA) ranging from A to F = 1 = 5. Schools that have 40 and more candidates are 3391. The first to twentieth described in the table below:
8.1 Evaluation originally held on the candidates' performance in schools shows that most school performers are those that contain all the basic needs, including adequate teachers, infrastructure and teaching and learning materials. In addition, schools with low performance are those that contain various challenges including:
(I) Recruiting teachers every year to remove existing deficiencies in our schools. In 2011/2012 the government hired 13,246 teachers sekodari the financial year 2012/2013 has employed the

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