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Swant`` , Aug 11, 2014

| steamname: eNatural | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:36419617 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
To start with he wanted to trade my Karambit slaughter MW vs real money. We had a long discussion, we needed a middle man. He found one he said but it turned out to be him using a diffrent acc or a friend helped him.​ Provide Evidence:
I got a album on imgur on the chat After I traded the M4A4 to the "middleman" that turned out to be him or his friend he started to ask for more that's bosch maxx 6 when I understood that he was gonna scam. The prints are in the wrong orded start from the bottom. "The king" was the one he called bosch maxx 6 the middle man.​
i actually sent the money arleady , so dont try to get free items + money , u sold it already , why u trying get more money ?
i actually sent the money arleady , so dont try to get free items + money , u sold it already , why u trying get more money ?
eNatural said: ↑ bosch maxx 6
Click to expand... I see one more fail with your print, you told me that you had 750 USD on your paypal acc, now you've 0 after you edited that pic and I cant see any other payments. So far you've bosch maxx 6 lied and I havent please stop the scam. I dont care if I get the items back or not. I just want to stop you. So more people doesnt have to be scammed by you. There will always be others. But one less is a good start in my oppinion.
But 119 ILS=34 USD~~ and I can prove that the middleman was fake here are the prints. If I just would've checked I would've seen that that was a fake middleman you or your friend or whoever made his skype just made it with a dot on the end. You fixed the middleman, you got the items I didnt get the money. And here I can prove that this is the fake middleman.
Swant`` , Aug 11, 2014
So you were the middleman of your own trade mate ? Original middleman : " bosch maxx 6 " Go to , and copy his profile in , you'll be amazed to find eNatural2 used just a couple of months ago =] Btw how do you know when a report is being made on you ? You always seem to check this site and refresh your profile to see if people are onto you
Messages: bosch maxx 6 4,090 Steam: bosch maxx 6 STEAM_0:1:46928737 bosch maxx 6
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And why don

| steamname: AYEEEEEE SIR | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:90491294 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
| steamname: Aboubakar Jihadi | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:90337769 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:
Messages: 6 Steam: STEAM_0:1:90491294
And why don't you show the rest of the chat? You don't have any proof that I was asking for more as well as the trade not happening.
I need a picture elektrolux of the entire chat agreement. I need a picture of your trade history in a full screen browser. Unedited. I need a picture of your all activity elektrolux screen from your Paypal account. Unedited in full screen browser.
SIVARTZ elektrolux , Aug 23, 2014
Thanks, I really appreciate your help.
Click to expand... I'm a newer to the community and "sold" my knife to AYEEEEEE SIR but I got the same result elektrolux as many others who claim to be scammed. Even though he has a lot of rep, he just took my item and disappeared.
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taringa! inside

How to turn Chrome into "multi"
Taringa! inside
(. Domingo to 15 hours telephone rings, a client) - Hello.
Both situations, among many other threads as read by the ... and you did not answer me of WhatsApp are a kind of classic modernity in which we are immersed. At least I and II situations can be solved with a button, but I could not exist if Milote hung out a little less.
And that PBC is one of those little gems that are starting to bring "new" routers for some time. Actually it's not so new, but at least the low end (ie those in the 90% of households) and are bringing in a not much.
The "button" grid PBC shares with other forms of "entering a router without knowing the password" ranging from a PIN to NFC. The truth is that WPS is an unsafe standard from conception to technically, at least as far as the PIN method is concerned. Anyway, most routers 24 hour laundromat can choose the "method" and the button is the safest, in the insecure (something 24 hour laundromat like living 24 hour laundromat in Puerto Madero).
Pressing the WPS what we do is "disable" encryption of the network and allow any device to connect to the router 24 hour laundromat for 2 minutes. The concept is simple and was created for visitors who want a home internet and who knows the password is missing or similar situations. The OS Modern's detected that the network supports PBC and warns us that we can go to the router press the button, it's fantastic, although obviously the key is to have physical access to the router so the neighbors do not pay, or passed by scanning the network waiting for someone to press a button or good, get internet.
To many it may seem a little uncertain, but the fact is that, with few exceptions, 24 hour laundromat the system is fantastic. Allowing reassure 24 hour laundromat a network but with a "changüi" to the forgetful because ... nobody 24 hours a day scanning WiFi networks to see if the neighbor PBC press the button when someone comes along who wants internet not remember the password is passed, thing that can happen hopefully, 1 time a week.
23,553 24 hour laundromat
WDS for newbies
It's great the little button before did not have it in the router than my old, and we live 2000 miles away, luckily my memory something banking and provided 24 hour laundromat me the right, there is also a backup I got out there the key but better for anyone to come is tell it to connect, that gives the "botonito" and ready.
Best would be to invent a way to "easily" show password on a computer that already belongs to the network. Something like And obviously 24 hour laundromat you can not enter if you're not already part of the network.
It sounds very useful but what page is the equivalent piece of paper with the password written in some conspicuous place set. Perhaps what could be is on the website of some cuadrito router where one could write a password hint as in the beginning of Win; But the password ... just go to a page that has a predetermined route mmm I do not think che
Sergio, do not you think? To view If you should already be on the network, that is, you've had ... the password would be the equivalent to check the saved but easier and standardized password. The piece of paper in a visible location can be seen by anyone passing, you need not be part of the network, it is very different.
That's great, but if you already got a laptop / computer network, 24 hour laundromat you notice that the password is already entered and ready ... do not give so complicated ... click on the network properties, Show password ...
That wonderful wps protocol, that wondrous vulnerability that allowed me to get wpa2 passwords in less than 4 hours: P Above almost all ruter fibertel wifi, telephone arnet and bring them on by default. Just have to get reaver in your favorite linux distro, put the board in monitor 24 hour laundromat mode lucky if you got the key out in less than an hour.
NO cable modems Fibertel 24 hour laundromat bring WPS enabled, if you find any, is because the homeowner so it resets. For the rest, totally agree, it seems very wrong who are inviting 24 hour laundromat a broken protocol enabled, is to suggest to the readers of alt-tab as using WEP encryption method. To use WPS or WEP, do not use anything, it may sound a bit pessimistic, but it's reality. Then do not complain saying they stole the intimate and other video;) 24 hour laundromat
Precisely because it says things like "martemars" OpenWRT firmware brings not activated or configured by default the WPS. Same with UPnP. At first I missed the little button functionality but now I use it to turn on / off WiFi.
Martemars confirm what he says, the WPS has a

Friday, August 29, 2014

The company D-Link has launched a new product, the Wi-Fi Smart Plug, it is a smart jack, connect it

The company D-Link has launched a new product, the Wi-Fi Smart Plug, it is a smart jack, connect it to some point in the grid of your house and you plug in plates kaufman astoria electrical appliances you have, such as lamps, , television, radiators ... Everything plugs you can then control it remotely from your smartphone, you off and on, to program, monitor their consumption, prevent overheating. It is how to build an intelligent house very economically.
Imagine the possibilities: You turn on the heating in the house while you go back on the subway, in order to find the home and warm on arrival. Programs the lights in your house to come on when it gets dark, turn off the TV from the bed when you want your partner to stop and come and make you look a little case :). Lower the shutters from your smartphone when you're already out and about, so you can see while you're in and not have to grope. What other possibilities can you think of?
Wireless Smart Plug is connected to the wireless home network using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) system, ie, you click on a Smart Plug WPS button and a WPS button on the router and there you have connected to internet. This is the internet that allows you to control devices remotely from your smartphone, it is done by mydlink, application available kaufman astoria for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which connects kaufman astoria to the Wifi Smart Plug your home. The Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W215 has an official price of $ 49.99. You can see a video on youtube promotion:
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Choose category presser Choose category aid clinics copies Security Access Control web design fiber

Home Computer Support Services Maintenance private companies Bono Assistance for hours Technical Service Repair Apple Laptop Repair Printer Repair Computer Security Web Design Logical Data Recovery Secure Erase Backup Encryption Computer Information forensics information Loyalty Loyalty Cards Newsletters Sending Sms Alarm Security CCTV Control Access Computers Electronics second hand network - Data Cabling Technical Service Repair presser Consumables compatible mobile tablets presser Repair Software Repair Clinics consoles Lawyers / Solicitors Management / Distribution / Trade Erp Tpv Tpv Tpv Hairdressers catering Cottages (dental / medical) - Tpv Hotel Management Major Fruit and Fish Garages Blog News Contact Support Occasion
The WiFi technology has spread far and very quickly, so we are writing a series of articles on this technology. presser Most current routers feature a WPS button called. Let's see who is and who serves.
The initials are the acronym WPS Wifi Protected Setup, which is just a standard to connect to our router via wifi. As we all know, when we want to connect to a router for Internet presser access, we initially match us to it entering the key you have. WPS is all much easier. presser
There are three possible scenarios: Press WPS on the router and searching for wifi networks on our device, which can be any laptop, tablet or phone that is compatible with the technology. Selected the router and voila, no need to type any key. Some devices also have their own WPS button, com as printers, access presser points or repeaters presser wifi. So we must press the first button presser on the router and then on the device and this simple way and will be paired. If the connecting device does not support WPS, routers usually have a pin code. So, instead of entering the WPA or WEP password, which is usually more complex, we only enter the pin. The problem is the pin router makes our most vulnerable and therefore our network.
Related posts: Wifi Coverage One of the queries that make us customers ... Expand presser WiFi coverage with your laptop We will discuss how to convert our laptop as we work wifi network Security ... With the explosion of mobile devices and internet, wireless or wired network ... network laptops today have multiple network cards, usually ...
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Technique Sheet The Edimax AR-7182WnA / B is a high performance router that provides full ADSL2 + performance and reliability, with an optimal ratio between quality and price, for home and small office networks. The AR-7186WnA / B is compatible with the next generation iron ma wireless standard 802.11n MIMO technology and provides data transmission speeds up to six times higher (up to 150 Mbps) and cover three times compliant routers 802.11g / b standard. - Wireless Transmission iron ma Speed 150 Mbps with MIMO technology for wireless N experience without iron ma complications. - Supports multiple SSID for up to four wireless networks - Wireless security encryption easily at the push the WPS button - Powerful 5dBi antenna - Easy Installation Wizard selector ISP to use with built-Brand Model Edimax AR-7182WNA interfaces - 1 WAN port RJ 11-1 Fast Ethernet LAN port RJ-45-1 reset button to return to the factory default settings iron ma - WPS button 1 - 1 WLAN button - On / off - LED Indicators: Power, ADSL, LAN, WLAN and WPS Standards - IEEE 802.3, 802.3u - IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b Antenna - 5dBi antenna 1 Security - Access control management for LAN / WAN sides - prevents attacks like "port scan" denial of service (DOS) and LAND - Inspection of dynamic packet filtering (SPI) - IP spoofing, IP with zero length iron ma - Filtering IP / MAC, application filtering, URL filter software Features - Web-based configuration - Firmware Update website iron ma / XMODEM / FTP / TFTP - interface iron ma serial command line, telnet or SSH port - Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) - WAN Management Protocol (TR-069) - update date / time from the server SNTP time - 802.1D MAC Bridge - RIP v1 (RFC1058), RIP v2 (RFC1723) - IGMP Snooping (V1 / V2 / V3) - Proxy IGMP (V1 / V2) - IPv4, IPv6 (IPv6 Ready Logo Phase II core to router "dual stack") - Server / DHCP Relay, DHCP (WAN port) client - PPPoE, PPPoA, IPoA Bridge / Routing RFC 2684 - NAT and PAT & Static Routing - ALG (MSN Messenger, PPTP, L2TP, FTP, RTSP ( Protocol streaming real-time), iron ma SIP v1 / v2, H.323, iron ma IPSEC - DMZ, Virtual Server (port forwarding) - Transit through VPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP) - Compatible with automatic iron ma channeling - 1T1R Mode with 150Mbps PHY rate for both transmission and reception - legacy modes and high yield - Bandwidth 20 MHz / 40 MHz - Supports wireless security WEP 64/128 bits, 802.1x, WPA and WPA2 - Supports Multiple BSSID - Frequency Range Wireless: ISM band 2400-2483 MHz Other Features - CE, FCC, RoHS - Power: 12VDC / 0.5A - Dimensions: iron ma 109 x 102 x 33 mm Contents: - ADSL2 + Router - Power adapter 12 V - Ethernet Cable RJ -45 1 m - 1.8M phone line RJ-11 x 2 - Quick Installation Guide - 1 CD with installation wizard, user manual and quick installation guide Multilingual - Splitter - 5dBi Antenna Weight: 140 gr Date 21/01/2014 porJAV review
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My D-link Dir615 has that WPS button to add customers a quick way to Router-Wifi though and if I sa

A failure of the WPS standard, designed damprid for new clients to easily associate an access point allows access to WiFi network using brute force with positive results in less than two hours. A wide range of models are affected routers and so far the only solution is to disable WPS.
The problem is one of the four methods provides WPS to accept new clients. Although the best known is the WPS button, damprid there are other parallel damprid authentication systems. Specifically, is the PIN method that can be used to gain access to the WiFi network.
With this system, the customer who wants to partner sends a PIN number consists of 8 digits. When a client sends an incorrect PIN, the access point replies with an EAP-NACK message. As there is no mechanism to limit the attempts, this system is susceptible to attack by brute force, trying every possible combination. The problem is compounded because, Stefan damprid discovered Viehböck, the access point responds with EAP-NACK to send only the first four digits of the PIN, without entering the remaining four, which reduces the combinations of 100 million only 20,000, who stay at 11,000 when you consider that the last digit is just a checksum.
Most existing WiFi router come with active WPS standard. Viehböck Stefan confirms that the problem affects numerous models, including brands such as Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link and ZyXEL.
Although Stefan has not yet released the code, have already damprid appeared the first fragments that try to exploit this vulnerability. It takes days to appear applications that automate the task. The only solution at the moment, while manufacturers damprid publish firmwares to mitigate the problem is to disable WPS.
Thank you respueta
BocaDePez damprid 29 December 2011 at 23:27 3 BocaDePez 31 December 2011 at 17:50
I could not tell if the "majority" come with WPA standard, but if you have noticed an increase networking with standard name (which could be associated with settings untouched) with WPA. I know that correlation does not imply causation, but ...
Reply 6
My D-link Dir615 has that WPS button to add customers a quick way to Router-Wifi though and if I say the truth I have never used because I am one of those who do things as before.
BocaDePez 30 December damprid 2011 at 12:47
I am, I was writing from the TV ... I've never found useful, the button brings a light (orange or green) and nothing else try it and see what I deactivated did nothing. The DHCP, I removed it just in case, much better for me to have three pots set manually (and not use a Class C network).
0 Reply
I found it funny about "I hit a button with a green or orange damprid light, and seeing that he did nothing, so I deactivated". That's engineering spirit twice. First to touch a button to see what it was only because I had lights, and second to shut down to not see that did nothing (I say of good cheer, I have done the same).
# 318220 where radius server damprid is one that is quite crap: D
Nothing to disable WPS. I recently I went to ustilizar with a print server but that did not funcioba me or backward. So I gave up, at least for now, and added it ethernet cable. As soon as I get home I desactivaré the WPS and to give sausage.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

% D people like this:

Optimists point out that WPS can be disabled in the firmware of the Router wifi. Pessimists point out that this is not always the case. Back when security problems first became public, a number of Reuters were buggy and did not really WPS shuts down when prompted.
The security problem exists only with PIN authentication method, not the method button (which knows NFC). Sadly, newslaundry the routers must include the PIN authentication for Wi-Fi certified. It is mandatory. No router I've seen allows newslaundry you to disable the PIN authentication, keeping the button newslaundry method.
If you've been keeping up with technology in router wifi know that these employ a feature called WPS PIN, which lets you connect to a network by simply pressing the WPS button on this wireless router. Is no need to write any of the keys you may have said wifi wireless network, but here lies the weakness in this method of connection.
Routers are normally sold to consumers on the basis of features, not security. As a result, all consumer routers include WPS. New security key WPS PINS
Personally, I do not want anything to do with WPS. If the nerd next door wants to my wireless network, it will have to get the password from the old way - brute force guessing among the trillions and trillions of possibilities.
There used to be two ways to avoid WPS: use an oriented business or relatively expensive to install an alternative firmware, newslaundry very secure passwords wifi router like DD-WRT. Recently, however, I found a third alternative, cheap routers without WPS.
Cubiquita offers two models, each less than $ 100 have worked with their cheapest newslaundry offering that sells for around $ 40 and verified that does not support WPS. However, the firmware is clearly designed for technical consumer instead.
Email (required) (The address is not made public)
Search Recent Posts wps passwords the pins were reinvented newslaundry in wifi router and wifi keys as easily recover WiFi password Decrypter WiFi Key Landmarks Blog about protecting your wifi network attacks that can crack your password. Recent Comments newslaundry 0
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happens to me exactly the same, does not turn off the WPS if anyone knows why? is there any other w

According to the manual the "Turns the wireless radio gateway.'s Wireless radio is enabled by default. The LED below the button indicates whether the wireless radio is on or off.". Me not working. The pulse and does nothing. I do not see anything obvious in the web interface that controls that function.
I've already done, sympathetic.
# 1952662
I tried it for thirty seconds and nothing. The WPS works. You will be spoiled pf2 or not programmed that function. If someone with the router you can test it I will leave doubts. Not that it is very serious because via web interface I can disable, but the truth is that it would be more comfortable if the button worked.
# 1952670
To turn off (I will not use more function) I go to the web interface, in 'Advanced Wireless Settings', 'Settings WPS' button 'Start Configuration' button and 'Cancel'. Mind you, if I turn off the router again be lit permanently.
happens to me exactly the same, does not turn off the WPS if anyone knows why? is there any other way to disable the WIFI?
# 2351868
It's going to be no, to disable "Enable Wireless Router Radio" does nothing, that option does not respond to user. Still not working ... if you do not see the whole thing jump low 2nd ssid _auto_ono_wifi ...
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Monday, August 25, 2014

I modified directly the hostapd package source ( /package/hostapd/files/ laundry bags

If you have a WPS-enabled network device (like a modern USB dongle) laundry bags supporting Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), you can negotiate joining the router’s Wifi network without manually entering SSID & passkey. You just initiate “WPS authentication” by pushing the similar WPS button on the device (or launching the process by its driver/control software). After the device has initiated the authentication process, you can accept the transaction by using the WPS button on WNDR3700. The connection should then get negotiated, and in most cases in future your PC should remember the received network settings from then on.
1) Using WPS authentication requires replacing the default ‘wpad-mini’ package with ‘wpad’ and ‘hostapd-utils’ . The reason is that the tool “hostapd_cli” and some needed support functions are not included in ‘wpad-mini’.
2) And it only works if the ‘/etc/config/wireless’ has been modified to include info about WPS authentication being allowed by adding the option ‘wps_pushbutton’ ‘1’ to the wifi-iface section of (each) radio . Additionally, the encryption should be WPA2-PSK (or maybe WPA-PSK is enough, I haven’t tested). (Looks like the version of hostapd scripts in OpenWrt does not support the full scope of hostapd’s capabilities, so many of the config options documented in hostapd docs are left unused.)
That config file is read when radios are turned on, so after editing the config, restart the radios in WNDR3700. At this point, you should be able to test it by running it from command line. If the message gets passed to hostapd, you should see there result ‘OK’ there. Otherwise the result is ‘FAIL’. > root@OpenWrt:~# hostapd_cli -p /var/run/hostapd-phy0 wps_pbc > Selected interface ‘wlan0′ > OK > root@OpenWrt:~#
I modified directly the hostapd package source ( /package/hostapd/files/ laundry bags ), as the hotplug script gets automatically laundry bags installed to ‘/etc/hotplug.d/button/50-wps’ with the package. See below.
The script launches hostapd_cli for each radio and lights the WPS led for 10 seconds. laundry bags There is no monitoring of the result, or anything like that. It is just a dumb script using the hostapd_cli command to pass the message to the hostapd daemon. Remember to check the button name: Backfire: wps=”BTN_1″, trunk: wps=”wps” root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/hotplug.d/button/50-wps if [ "$ACTION" = "pressed" -a "$BUTTON" = "BTN_1" ]; then echo "255" > /sys/devices/platform/leds-gpio/leds/wndr3700:green:wps/brightness for dir in /var/run/hostapd-*; do [ -d "$dir" ] || continue logger "WPS button active: laundry bags $dir" hostapd_cli -p "$dir" wps_pbc done sleep 10 echo "0" > /sys/devices/platform/leds-gpio/leds/wndr3700:green:wps/brightness root@OpenWrt:/# cat /etc/config/wireless ... config 'wifi-iface' option 'device' 'radio0' option 'network' 'lan' option 'mode' 'ap' option 'ssid' 'public' option 'encryption' 'psk2' option 'key' 'SecretKey' option 'wps_pushbutton' '1' ... fi If everything goes ok, you should see in Syslog not only the button events, but also succesful WPS authentication: Jan 31 21:11:09 OpenWrt user.notice root: WiFi button used: WiFi up Jan 31 21:11:09 OpenWrt kernel: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready Jan 31 21:11:09 OpenWrt kernel: laundry bags device laundry bags wlan0 entered promiscuous mode Jan 31 21:11:09 OpenWrt kernel: br-lan: port 2(wlan0) entering forwarding state ... Jan 31 21:12:00 OpenWrt user.notice root: WPS button active: /var/run/hostapd-phy0 Jan 31 21:12:00 OpenWrt user.notice root: WPS button active: /var/run/hostapd-phy1 Jan 31 21:12:03 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.11: authenticated Jan 31 21:12:03 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.11: associated (aid 1) Jan 31 21:12:04 laundry bags OpenWrt daemon.warn hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc laundry bags IEEE 802.1X: authentication failed - EAP type: 0 ((null)) Jan 31 21:12:04 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.1X: Supplicant used different EAP type: 254 ((null)) Jan 31 21:12:04 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.11: disassociated Jan 31 21:12:05 OpenWrt hostapd: laundry bags wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to inactivity Jan 31 21:12:17 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.11: authenticated Jan 31 21:12:17 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc IEEE 802.11: associated (aid 1) Jan 31 21:12:17 OpenWrt laundry bags hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc RADIUS: starting accounting session 4D47094D-00000000 Jan 31 21:12:17 OpenWrt hostapd: wlan0: STA 1c:af:f7:f6:11:dc WPA: pairwise key handshake completed (RSN) Jan 31 21:12:29 OpenWrt dnsmasq-dhcp[1855]: DHCPREQUEST(br-la

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good, very long time I have been using WPA2 security on my router (so it is not all christ strain).

Good, very long time I have been using WPA2 security on my router (so it is not all christ strain). Anyway, today I learned that routers with this option (WPS) are easily hackable with a tool included in the suite of wireless security. My question is that even though my router has the WPS button not find the option hampered to disable it in the menu and that is causing intruders detected on my router how do I turn this off in the last firm 1.05.05? Thank ahead.
The issue is that 2 days to change your password wpa2 and today already had two androids connected when I had no device connected mine does. As noses can get the key so fast? I have it in WPA2-PSK [AES]
Reply 6
ami also the same thing happens to me, I have mac filtering hampered equipment and yet my property on the same day I have 2 computers connected to my network android wifi, is your ip and mac and do not know what the hell ... I seen page of the router up and down and not to do ... friends who advise me?
BocaDePez hampered the April 25, 2014 at 00:56 4 BocaDePez the April 25, 2014 at 01:41
aahh ... and I very happy because I thought that was a very good lol anyway option, I will change IP and takes away the filter hampered because if is a family home I'm going to start not enter your MAC in the router. Thanks again and have a good night.
# 2363583 To me what happens to me is I had set 300 Mb / s in the ...
To me what happens to me is I had set 300 Mb / s on wifi and issues of scope and so I want to put a 145 Mb / s, but I have to do it every time I turn the router because coniguración seems not to maintained if I turn it off and leave it on always hampered step ...
Measure your speed Utilities Find your IP Search your main ADSL internet 3G Coverage More Tools
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Hi there. see who helps me out. It turns out that every time I turn the Modem Router, this button WPS gets red for a few seconds just as the modem is rebooting. I wonder how it's done, so this button each time you turn the Modem, return to normal color, which is bright white. Is it off by pressing the button for a few seconds; Or should we throw it, and grab a new Modem?. Since the WPS button is red when the modem restarts, best washing machine 2012 I have noticed that downloads are very slow through WI-FI, compared best washing machine 2012 to when the normal color is a bright white, when downloads best washing machine 2012 are fine. Thank you very much to help me. Greetings.
By default, unless you've activated for some reason, this function is disabled, the issue of lights best washing machine 2012 has little or nothing best washing machine 2012 to do if the function is disabled. It just lights best washing machine 2012 up like the rest of leds when you restart the device.
To see if it is off, you enter the router configuration, you will and there on your wireless network primary option. Right next to the network name is the box Automatic Security Configuration logically must be Disable.
Well, I've been in this Modem Router, and in the section of "Wirelles" was on the ENABLE option, instead of DISABLE. There, best washing machine 2012 the red LED light button. Finally. Someone here will be given the little button and active. Now it is again, the bright shining white button every time I turn on the Modem and becomes as before; That is; All right. What I do is put a sticker best washing machine 2012 next to this button, which put; "No touching this button." It's all right, and working well the WI-FI. Thanks for your help. Greetings.
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WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, WiFi protocol used to connect devices securely without the nee

. .\ |..... Merry /. new year 2012! / |. \. .
Few days (last year) ago, a researcher Stefan Viehböck ( | on his blog a technical article on the vulnerability has been discovered iron patriot in the protocol secure wireless network iron patriot setup (WPS). iron patriot
WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, WiFi protocol used to connect devices securely without the need for complicated authentication mechanisms, just the devices are linked to each other with the knowledge of a PIN, the style of bluetooth connections.
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance to create secure WLAN standard. In other words, WPS is not a security mechanism iron patriot itself, it is the definition of various mechanisms to facilitate the configuration of a secure WLAN network with WPA2, designed to minimize iron patriot user intervention in the home or small office (SOHO) . Specifically, WPS defines mechanisms through which different network devices obtained credentials (SSID and PSK) required to start the authentication process. [Wikipedia (EN)]
Roles of communication architecture WPS: Register iron patriot a device capable of acting as the authority to provide access and credentials to the wireless network. Enrollee: the device requesting access to the wireless network and does not have any configuration. Authenticator: usually the AP itself (Access Point) that performs communication (proxy) between the Registrar and Enrollee.
Most wireless routers come from the factory with the configured and enabled by default WPS option, some of the models are: Cisco / Linksys, Netgear, iron patriot D-Link, Belkin, Buffalo, ZyXEL, and even the Livebox 2 (Orange).
The WPS protocol provides at least 4 different ways of exchanging credentials and requests for authorization to access the wireless network, such as PIN, PBC, NFC and USB: PIN Method: The user has to enter a PIN in the web interface provides the AP (Access Point), this data usually comes printed on a label that has the AP / Router itself.
PBC Method: linking devices by pressing a button (physical or virtual (software)) in both the AP / Router and the device you wish to connect to the wireless network. iron patriot The AP often have a timeout (timer) after pressing the button, during which you can connect iron patriot via WPS.
The researcher Stefan Viehböck iron patriot has detected a vulnerability in the authentication process that allows an attacker to reduce the number of trials and tests in a brute force attack to discover the PIN / Password to access the network using the AP in the WPS protocol .
The attack is possible because the WPS protocol iron patriot does not implement the possibility of limiting the number of possible iron patriot attempts. Furthermore the detected vulnerability reduces the time required to perform this type of attack, at a time interval of 4 to 10 hours.
For the techies, I will say that the vulnerability has been detected in the EAP-NACK messages that send the "Register" (AP) to the client and / or device (Erollee) with the first and second halves of the PIN when initiating authentication by external PIN code.
The tool is in version 1.2 and is available on google code reaver-wps. iron patriot Furthermore, iron patriot the discoverer of the vulnerability has posted on his blog a script in python as proof of concept (PoC) can be downloaded here. More information on the use and installation of the tools in the link below.
If you want to test with the Orange Livebox 2, you must enter it in the router management interface (Web Browser In type and access the wireless iron patriot network configuration, as shown in the following image:
Some manufacturers such as: BELKIN, have made available to users a little tutorial to disable WPS on their devices: Open a web browser. Enter the IP address iron patriot of the router. Example default: Enter the username and password. Menu Access Wireless (Wi Inalábrica) and within the menu option WPS. (This can vary from model to model). Change the status of "enabled" to "disabled" Apply changes and restart the Router.
Hello, first and foremost congratulate you for this great article, and the second is that I a little doubt arises regarding attacks exploiting the vulner

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I have a router ONO Scientific Atlanta EPR 2320R2 (WebStar) which have connected a desktop PC and a laptop with wireless 24 hr laundromat and have no problem, but I tried to connect the screen of a Philips TV and says "In the router press the WPS button ", and I give many turns to that router can not see the button anywhere, so I ask for help as I can get find the above button.
In some Atlanta is often covered with the said pin housing. You have to disassemble it and seeing where this button is located on the circuitry, practice at Atlanta housing drill a hole with a 2mm. action to that button, something like the hole has the reset button. You have to dip into DIY, but it is very simple to do.
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STEP # 2 Since then the WI-FI PROTECTED SETUP option being inside the router configurations, let th

To automatically link up to our router only pressing the WPS (PHYSICALLY OR VIRTUALLY.) All computers on the network must support WPS. For this article we will use trendnet TEW-711 ROUTER WITH WIRELESS RECEIVER AND WPS Fucion trendnet TEW-424UB Nota_ will use Windows 7 options lavar may vary depending on operating system. STEP # 1 will check the router configurations to verify that the function is activated wps us We connect the router directly to our computer-only lavar configuration in any of the 4 LAN ports, and enter an Internet browser and entered the IP address of the Router "HTTP:" then we enter USERNAME: ADMIN AND Password: ADMIN
STEP # 2 Since then the WI-FI PROTECTED SETUP option being inside the router configurations, let the WIRELESS option, lavar and then verify that the WPS left this option is ENABLED. (If you are disabled we click Enabled, and then apply).
Step # 3 Then connect the wireless receiver to our pc which detect all wireless networks that are available, the network will use to test SSID: TRENDNET711, if we try to connect calls us to move our Router lavar password.
Step # 4 PRESSING THE WPS IN OUR ROUTER Now we will press the WPS button on your router and then let go and up to 120segundos free to leave the device to connect, (THAT TIME IS PASSING WILL HAVE TO PUSH THE BUTTON OUR ROUTER WPS).
Step # 5 After that return to perform the connection test and it also shows us a message by pressing the button with the router can connect waited a moment lavar what our receiver detects the wps.
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That is the WPS button with the Router? That's a question I was asked by here on our blog Private Guides day. Today I will tell you as it is used and the experience I have had in using the WPS button on the router.
To connect to Wi-Fi using the WPS button need the device to be connected has the option of WPS or WPS push available. An example of WPS devices would push the new Android smartphone.
A new Android device comes with WPS Push option This option lets you connect your smartphone without having to type the key just pressed the WPS button on the router and then go to Wi-fi settings where there may have WPS Push.
This is all regarding wasing park the WPS button on Wi-fi router, hope all has been clear and if they can not leave a comment with the details of who did not understand or any questions you have. android push wps button on router WPS buttons-that-bring-the-smartphones as connecting router router router wps wps-button-push WPS WPS use wifi 3/12/2013
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This PIN will usually printed on a label on the device itself. After entering both be configured to

In short, a button or a code.
WPS The idea is not to add more security to networks, but to facilitate the use of existing mechanisms such as WPA or WPA2, users without using complicated or tedious key configuration fensa processes.
There are two basic methods for running WPS, but have added a couple more that, although not part of the standard, can be implemented by manufacturers in their products, but are not mandatory.
The first is the introduction fensa of a PIN. In this, when a new Wi-Fi device on the network, fensa the access fensa point is detected fensa (or an authorized representative of this, as it could be a computer with appropriate fensa permissions) we ask for the PIN.
This PIN will usually printed on a label on the device itself. After entering both be configured to allow this device to access the network securely using any systems of encryption, such as WPA.
The second method is the PBC or Push Button Configuration, which makes the process even more, it only requires you to press a button fensa on the access point and another on the device to be attached to the network.
This method has a small problem is that any device could connect to the network during the small time interval in which the access, ie, for a couple of minutes after you press the button on the access point is configured for so the former fensa is more advisable.
So in the case of telecable router and Thomson, is that you give the button while trying to connect to wifi with a device such as a mobile compatible, fensa and automatically configures the single network, without having to remembering passwords etc ... Although having the WPS is not safe etc ...
Hire your connection fensa to our sponsors
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Novice user on the web

What wireless standards HTCMania ESTN not allowed presser on avatars and signatures sell Standards section for buying and selling in HTCMania Tips on buying and selling in a Protocol incident on professional services forum Forum Rules on Joint purchases Help Videotutoriales of Use
Novice user on the web
Hi wanted to know how they could connect presser my Htc wildfire to of Orange Livebox 2 by WPS button, as a colleague has the Galaxy R and WPS.Muchas you an option button appears thanks and I hope your answer !!

Monday, August 18, 2014

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Connect your Android to a WIFI network; manually or by WPS | I have an Android | Tips | Tutorials | News
The first way is the best known by people, is by manually entering softronic the network password, to realize it you have to follow these simple steps: Head to Settings. Select the WIFI option. Slide the button on the top to turn the WIFI and available networks will be displayed. Select the network you want to connect. Enter the network password and press the button to connect.
The other way is to connect WPS without elaborating on its definition will share them only facilitates the connection of devices to the network, because many times the security network password contains many characters and can make mistakes when we write or simply want inserting save labor; you just have to see if our modem has a WPS button
To connect to the network through WPS from your phone or tablet Android follow these simple steps: Sign in to turn on WIFI (follow the steps outlined above 1,2,3) Press the Menu button on your phone or tablet (left button in the cell) From the options select WPS button a message will appear where you must press the WPS button on the modem must wait to make the connection
NOTE: On some devices or tablets the menu is not displayed, so you must follow the following steps: Press the WPS button on the modem Select Network Select Show advanced options in the option select the option WPS Push Button Press the Set button Connect and expect it to perform softronic successfully the Connection softronic
Hi Osvaldo, I am grateful for the synthetic and understandable information on this topic, especially for those who manage these computer concepts with difficulty. I wanted to talk to you about my concern: I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand (Android 4.2.2) and fitted out three days a Wi-fi network in my home. At first, my cell is easily connected (following the typical password entry, etc. step), but until yesterday the connection began to fail. My cell remains connected to the Wi-fi network softronic just a few minutes (the connection icon tells me that indeed is connected but the pages do not load). In desperation softronic and asking about the theme of "button" WPS agreed to its pulsation (but now I do not know how convenient it was, because I worry some important settings have changed both the router and the PC and my cell, which It was "related" through "touch softronic WPS") option. My question is this, does the WPS (which translates to a light sometimes flash on the router) option ensures the solution of the problem of connecting my smartphone to the network? Thank you very much. Greetings and a big hug from Argentina. softronic
ӏn the worԁs of Jack Kerouac:. "It is not what you write, it's the way you write it" Well, you do it increԀibly well I can not decide if I Should share thiѕ wеƄsite with my buddies or ҟeep it as my very ѕecret own private ...
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Recent Posts Manage all your passwords securely on Android Turn your Android TV guide and universal remote control as slaves What are our phone? Now with Instagram Direct you can share your photos only with your friends you choose Google Play Play Store Kiosk available softronic

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This is more than an inconvenience, it is a requirement. To configure a network entirely automatica

WiFi Blog Archive ironing board covers WPS, or set up a wireless network securely at the push of a button cat.
For some time, wireless equipment manufacturers have introduced into their equipment for domestic use, quick setup WPS buttons that allow us an easy way to associate each other in a safe setting (WPA / WPA2). These buttons are based on the WPS standard: Wireless Protect Secure. And in principle must be compatible with different brands.
The WPS create unattended and easy network with WPA2 security teams associating to the same wireless network. There are manufacturers that put his own name to these buttons, but they are still buttons ironing board covers that activate ironing board covers the WPS. For example Netgear calls Push 'n' Connect, TP-Link ironing board covers appoints as QSS button. Other manufacturers call them by name, ie WPS button, like D-Link or Linksys Cisco.
Of course, to set up a network automatically entirely through the WPS buttons, all computers on the network ironing board covers must support WPS, if one is not, should be attached to the network manually, and for that we find the SSID and WPA2 password ironing board covers that was automatically generated.
To configure the network we have two methods: PBC P ush- B utton C onfiguration (Pressing Button Configuration), which is basically press the WPS button that brings our access point and our wifi adapter. After waiting a few seconds will do an exchange of information as a result we will have our computer connected to our network access point with the corresponding encryption.
PIN (numeric ironing board covers code). ironing board covers Here we have two options, either put the PIN of the access ironing board covers point in the configurator of our USB device ironing board covers or put our USB device PIN in the configuration of the access point to add us. This code is a number between 4 and 8 numbers.
Advantages using PBC configuration button is useful when, for example do not have a PC to configure the access point as long as WiFi devices all our clients and the access point support the WPS protocol. When users are neophytes in the configuration of the equipment. With this functionality and just pressing the WPS button on both devices, these partners will be configured in just a minute with encryption included. No one needs to know the network name and password, as by default this is randomly generated using the WPS button. The password to be randomly generated numbers and letters, can not be ascertained by typical dictionary attacks. The WPS traffic uses EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) is a type of strong authentication protocol that is used, for example, WPA2 encryption itself. Both Windows Vista with Windows 7 support WPS partially, and as for Windows XP only have to install ironing board covers a small utility to make it work. Even today not all devices support WPS still generally almost all new models of all brands ironing board covers are starting to implement it. You just have to look for the WPS logo on the box or in the list of characteristics of the equipment.
This is more than an inconvenience, it is a requirement. To configure a network entirely automatically through the WPS buttons, all computers on the network must support WPS, however, if one is not, we can configure it manually, and for that we find the SSID and WPA2 password that was automatically generated, which is usually ironing board covers a random sequence of numbers and letters that can be seen on the security settings of the access point. The Ad-Hoc mode does not support WPS. The Ad-hoc mode is used when two devices communicate with each other point to point without an access point.
Testing WPS devices were chosen multiple devices from different manufacturers to test this functionality. As access points have been tested: D-Link DIR-825: The characteristics of the equipment indicates Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and the box has the logo of WPS TP-Link TL-WA901ND: QSS, Quick Security Setup. It has the logo itself QSS equipment connecting TP-LINK button through, however the WPS protocol used is therefore compatible with other brands.
Cisco Linksys E3000: No stand or WPS indicates on the box or on the characteristics of the manufacturer, but the button in the center of the team has the logo and the WPS to press to activate this functionality.
As wireless USB devices have been tested: TP-Link TL-WN821N: Indicates the TP-Link logo QSS as the access point and the USB device. has physical button to press. Netgear WNDA3100: ironing board covers Comes with a logo and a Secure Connection WPS logo on the side of the box. Have physical button to press.

It may also be the case that some WPS devices possessing its own button, as with some network print

What is WPS? All about Wi-Fi Protected Setup - MuyComputer
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WPS, or WiFi Protected Setup, is a standard network security present in some routers that allows us to connect wirelessly with the touch of a button. So, no need to enter your password manually WiFi and pairing with compatible devices is carried out much more easily. super bru
WPS was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2006, and usually super bru know that our router supports to see a WPS button on it or a symbol of two arrows in a circle, like the picture illustrating the head of this entry.
However, to use WPS before we have protected access to our router using WPA or WPA2, as WEP does not support WPS. However, super bru the main idea behind this technology is not to improve safety, but merely super bru simplify access. How to connect to WPS
There are different ways to connect to a network using WPS. For example, if you press the WPS button on your router, we can instantly see what compatible devices are within reach. So, back to your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device with wireless only have to select the network in question and presto: the pairing is complete without typing anything.
It may also be the case that some WPS devices possessing its own button, as with some network printers or WiFi dongle adapters format, being even easier to configure everything. First press the button on the router and then of such devices and you're all set. Needless to say, this process only what we have to perform once, not each time you connect pretend, since the configuration will be conveniently stored. super bru
Finally, routers with WPS button also offer an eight-digit PIN code to simplify super bru the connection to devices that do not have WPS. So, we will introduce the password super bru instead super bru of our WiFi, which is usually more complex. Of course, this last method is not as secure as the previous two, since this PIN is more vulnerable to attacks and generally recommended to disable it. Without going any further, super bru the PIN can be determined with attacks that would not take more than four to ten hours.
As far as operating systems are concerned, not all are compatible with WPS natively. For example, Windows super bru 7 and Windows 8 yes they are, like Android since version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). However, Apple does not include either OS X or iOS, nor is enabled on Ubuntu. How to enable super bru or disable WPS on router
For example, super bru in a FRITZ! Box AVM router I is always enabled by default, but we can change it whenever we want. In the Security super bru section in the WLAN menu, look for the WPS Quick Connection tab and select super bru the WPS WPS On or Off. It's that easy.
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Seven years of the iPhone revolution
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A map feature the latest articles to read June

The PRC: 2014 first half of the washing machine best washing machine market in volume 16.15 million units, down 4.8% | collar e Network - IT Leaderboard best washing machine ranking information map data reporting centers Mobile iPhone Android phone WP phone tablet iPad Android Tablet Windows Tablet Apps Games mobile gaming network B2C B2B C2B C2C buy third-party payment Internet financial mobile electronic gaming consoles Mobile Internet Mobile Advertising best washing machine Mobile Video Mobile Security Mobile Search Mobile operating system best washing machine mobile browser Internet browser search best washing machine engine vertical media network best washing machine operating system, network security network video advertising network service e-commerce Business mobile payment of social communication microblogging social network instant messaging richest person brand IT Best Employers Best CEO remuneration of the best brand business IT patent standings earnings performance wearable best washing machine device terminal equipment laptop PC desktop chip network equipment hardware industry 3D printing Cloud computing technology for large data BYOD IT investment trends in the telecommunications networking software service online marketing thanks to the rapid development of mobile Internet and social best washing machine networks, best washing machine we offer several ways for you to look at IT reading list anytime, best washing machine anywhere.
Random recommend Regal latest ranking list ranking first in Asia Li Ka-shing reelection 2013 IDC: Global best washing machine networking revenue in 2020 amounted to $ 8.9 trillion analysis Helsinki best washing machine City phone games become the reason iResearch: July 2013 news portal industry ranked Top10 Tencent: United States before the market value of 25 large technology companies in 60 percent of all immigrants, founder of earnings: 2013 Q3 revenue of $ 47.6 million for all year minus 5.6% Facebook will lose its dominance IOS is still the mainstream eMarketer: 2014 years Core trend: new requirements to promote best washing machine the marketing of Apple iPad mini iPad last quarter accounted for 64% of all shipments Statistics: 2012 U.S. someday where to watch erotic videos of people up to?
A map feature the latest articles to read June "money shortage" event - Hong Kong Trade Development Council Information Figure: 2014 25th Hong Kong Book Fair, the number of participants reached 1.01 million Analysys think tank: China's online game market development best washing machine forecast 2014 mobile gaming market to integrate end tour page tour steady development of 2014 amounted to 3.3 trillion tourism consumption or Internet knowledge to reshape the tourism industry on Wall Street: 2014 first half of the Chinese stock market attitudes - Information Figure the PRC: 2014 first half of the washing machine market in volume 16.15 million units, best washing machine down 4.8% Analysys analysis: eGR- game the first half of 2014, China Mobile Radar gamers data dissemination to improve social media marketing effectiveness 11 Amazon rules of survival skills, learn six things Analysys analysis: the 2014 second quarter, the Chinese mobile search market best washing machine surging wireless search best washing machine for potential casual look random survey of consumers articles on cars, real estate, etc. are most dissatisfied best washing machine with the quality of Morgan Stanley raised the rating to overweight best washing machine Baidu target price rose to $ 239 in November 2012 ITbrand antivirus software brand ranking Chinese express delivery business volume growth over 50% for 28 consecutive months during the year or over the United States [video] Lumia Icon and iPhone 5S, LG G2 and Galaxy S4 contrast Google patent exposure dual-screen E-Ink eBook design Google Play Store app has exceeded one million more than Apple's App Store to see how to evaluate the foreign media as the new CEO of Microsoft choose best washing machine Nadella Analysys International: 2012 annual inventory of China's online game market best washing machine will support dual operating systems Geeksphone best washing machine second system or Firefox Archives Select Month July 2014 ( 948) June 2014 (1255) in May 2014 (262) April 2014 (157) March 2014 (387) February best washing machine 2014 (1869) in January 2014 (2570) in December 2013 ( 2389) November 2013 (2213) in October 2013 (2440) in September 2013 (3074) in August best washing machine 2013 (1831) in July 2013 (2399) in June 2013 (1317) in May 2013 ( 2034) in April 2013 (1872) in March 2013 (1942) best washing machine in February 2013 (964) January 2013 (1561) in December 2012 (1116) November 2012 (659) October 2012 (151) September 2012 (1) 0 Year (1) Label
2014 forecast Android CEO CNNIC comScore eMarketer Facebook Gartner IDC ios iPad iPhone iPhone 5S iPhone5S Samsung Internet best washing machine Information Figure shipments brand millet millet 3 tablet best washing machine Tablet PC market market share year-end inventory report using Microsoft phone list data Analysys smartphone smart machine games Baidu iResearch survey Apple Google Nokia sales Look speed transit Institute

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Institute of Chinese home appliance built off network last 373 washing machine on the market to tes

Institute of Chinese home appliance built off network last 373 washing machine on the market to test data, currently on the market 6A total of 52 models of washing machine, accounted for 14% of the total, of which there are 46 sets of rollers; 5A washing machine has 81 units, accounting for 21% of the total, of which there are 59 sets of rollers; 4A washing machine has 67 units, accounting for 18% of the total, of which there are 22 sets of rollers; 3A washing machine has 62 units, accounting for 16% of the total, of which there are 12 sets of rollers; 1A washing machine has 76 units, accounting for 20% of the total, of which there are four sets of rollers; substandard product has 41 units. "We are pleased to see that, 6A team in household washing washing line post machines has grown rapidly improve the technological content of the washing machine." National Quality washing line post Supervision and Inspection washing line post Center of household appliances, director Lu Jianguo told reporters, but that does not mean that consumers must buy washing machine in the all-around product.
March 1, 2004, "the national washing line post standard household electric washing machines washing line post GB / T4288-2003" began, washing line post in accordance washing line post with the standard cleaning rate, energy, water, noise, moisture, trouble-free operation of six indicators, washing machine washing line post rating put into the washing machine in descending order A, B, C, D4 levels. Which companies more washing products meet Class A, it means that more of its washing machine technology has the leadership, washing line post which reached 6 A description of the product on six indicators are in a leading washing line post position. But there is some good speculation once 6A companies use the concept of a big fuss, and some businesses have seen more easily recognized by consumers A word signs, so there has been a lot of pseudo-6A, pseudo-5A's fish products on the market. washing line post
Lu Jianguo said that the reason there are pseudo-6A, washing line post pseudo-5A washing machine, because many of the cover-up at work. First, the detection mechanism selectively led to detection methods are not standardized, some detection mechanism in the detection of six indicators when not all programs detect, but a program to detect only one indicator, other indicators negligible. For example, in a program, although wash ratio reaches A, but water-saving rate of only D, the next will be the opposite situation occurs when the detection saving rate; Second, detection of Chinese home appliance Institute, the noise index There are two, namely noise wash and dehydration noise, some companies in the publicity will be counted as two noise indicators washing line post A, so 5A becomes 6A.
According to the performance indicators for the washing machine and classification of the product, this is the time for consumers to buy products washing line post provide a reference. D level above product is qualified. 6A product is certainly worth promoting, but because of its investment washing line post in technology, materials and other aspects are high, so the price is bound to remain high. Meanwhile, consumer demand is vastly different, so it should be more quality products to meet consumer demand in the market. For example, some people than in terms of cleaning required for washing machines, you need more than the recommended to wash them as A-class products; tariff expensive and consumers are more concerned about dryland water consumption, Similarly, in Class A on this project will be welcomed. Therefore, companies only 6A product labeling is not enough, there are a lot 4A, 3A, 1A product also requires companies to local conditions, vary in propaganda work, after all, is the main force in the low-end products on the market.
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Ұ Ұ ѯ εͷ

Ұ Ұ ѯ εͷ
ҵг ҵƷ וו וו Ь וו ҾӰ ٻ ҵ СƷ ũʳ וי ɫг ҵ Ʒ Թ ҳ ԱԴ ҵƷ ɹӦ ҵ ҵɹ Ӧ Ѷ Ѷ Ȧ ù ȫ ұ Ͷ ٱ
Ci ݶ Whirlpool 3LWTW4840YW - ѧѧҼȾɫѧЭ (AATCC) wtd Ͽɱ ˮʲ (ר ) Θ Ʒơ Է Ʒ וו ھ һλ Θˮ ó' 쳤 ʣҲɽиΘˮ Է וו ƶǩ Ʒ ص ӽ'ЧΘЧ ȫ Զ εͳ וו Θ'ת wtd Θ Զ ëͷΘ ȿ ע ת''ߴ ** 680 * 650 * 1060mm וו ߴ sulfonamide ** 740 * 690 * 1120mm ѹ 220V13Amp50Hz 80kg ѡã '1993ө Θ Tide ζΘ 'ðΘÿ416 ravioli Θˮɫʣлơ ڡɫ'ˮð ۇٴ ȳ ӡ ߣ10 San 18 San ѡǵɣ 1 ר ҵķ ĹӦ Ϊͻṩʵҳ ィ 2ʵҵƹ Biao ṩȶɿͱ Ժ IJģ ۺ וו ά 3. ӵ ۺ Ŷӣ ʦ ҵг15 ḻʵ Juan ʱ ٴ ø Ϊͻ 4. 뱸 ڳ ġ 5. ṩAATCC Θ ά ޱ 6. ǽҵ ʱ ṩ ϸμı IJṩļѯ 7. Ӧ ӭͻμѯ һ ר ҵ AATCC Θ whirlpoolkenmore غ IJļṩ ۺ ά ޡ άȷ ҹ ڹ 㶫 Լ Ϻ ģӵһ ḻ ۺ ʦ ųϣѡǵĿͻʡʡģ ķ չ ڷ8 cool õ ϿͻϿɡ ڹ ʱ ݵۺ Ӷ ĺ ǡ εˣС
Ta (2) ע ݸ з AATCC Θ
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ĻƼ ѹ ȯĵΘ ҵ ά "" ȯ21 շ ĵ ( Θ ҵά "" 1 鷽 С'Θ Zhi 69.74% Ȩ ۼ8 Ϊ7.2 ( 8 "'Θ Zhi ľʲ) Ⱦʲ8.1% С Լ 8 Ϊ8.63 Ԥ8340ɣ ɺ СȨ29.6% 39% 鷽 ɶἰ 2Θ ҵ Գɳ ڡ ȯù Θ ҵĻ Գɳ δ2ɳ Զ ҵˮƽ (1) ģƺЭ ЧӦ ͷ (091-8 Θ ϼ ݶ Ϊ18% λӵ ڶ) (2) 08 չ Θ һ ڼڣ г ݶ Ҳ ε ƽ09 г ݶ Ȼ 3С Ӱ 졣 С רע Θ ҵδҵɳ ռ 䣬 Ԥ С09 EPSΪ0.38 С 촦 ڻ Գɳ ڣ δ2ҵɳ Ժ Ԥ10EPSΪ0.55-0.65 4δɳԡ 'Θ ĹȨ100% 30% СȨ 29.6% 39% Թ 09 ҵ ޣ δ ijɳ ռ 䡣 ȯάǰӯԤ 09-10 EPS Ϊ0.88 / 1.13 ȻĿǰ Ѳԣǵδ2Ŀ ٳɳ Ԥ ڽ ά " "
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October, the U.S. Department of Commerce preliminary ruling in the United States of dumping refrige

Build customer sewing room network
October, the U.S. Department of Commerce preliminary ruling in the United States of dumping refrigerators LG, Samsung, Samsung's Korean refrigerator dumping rate of 32.2%, Mexico dumping rate of 36.65 percent yield refrigerator. Korean and Mexican production of refrigerators LG Electronics dumping rate is 4.09% and 16.44% respectively.
Details determine sewing room the effect of the details of the kitchen renovation 18 Tips (2011-12-23 15:28:28) 6 colored sewing room toilet recommend between warm bath resist cold (2011-11-19 18:24:26) Shower Room selection: what is to ensure the safety of his family shower? (2011-11-19 18:20:04) white furniture maintenance tips (2011-11-19 13:12:39) leads the seven switches and sockets fire hazards (2011-11-19 08:01:34 ) extraordinary inspiration to make decorative storage box 15 good ideas (2011-11-18 11:07:51) lazy linen sofa turned beautiful scenery (2011-11-15 20:07:02) Color restaurant knocked you The cruet (2011-11-15 19:26:05) Storage versatile coffee table sofa area clean and orderly Magic (2011-11-15 19:15:06) 7 paragraph style personality mix and match furniture decoration without delimitation (2011- 11-15 18:54:43)
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ѭ ú ȴ ͳҵ װ ٵ λ ǻ Ȼ ȹ Ѹ ٷ չ ȥ 꿪ʼ ջ ڣ չ δ ҵ ҵ δ ǧ г ڴ ͳҵ ռ Ƚϸߣ Լ ҵ Ȼ ٽϿ죬 ϵ δ չ ƽ Ϊ

ӯ Ԥ : Ԥ ƶ 600006 2012-2014 ʵ Ӫҵ Լ214.33 251.37 297.07 , // ʵ ĸ Լ2.76 4.56 6, ȶп .19 Ӧ EPS Ϊ0.14 0.23 0.31 ʲ ʷ ԼΪ4.46% 6.97% 8.67%
ѭ ú ȴ ͳҵ װ ٵ λ ǻ Ȼ ȹ Ѹ ٷ չ ȥ 꿪ʼ ջ ڣ չ δ ҵ ҵ δ ǧ г ڴ ͳҵ ռ Ƚϸߣ Լ ҵ Ȼ ٽϿ죬 ϵ δ չ ƽ Ϊ
ϴ ľ Ӫ г ſ ڡ 2011 깫 ҵ а 3ǧ Ϊ ؽϾ ģ ҵ Ϊ ں ò Ŀ ԡ ؼ 費 Ӫҵ Ԥ 2012~2014 EPS Ϊ0.28 0.33 0.43 Ӧ2012 6 27 11.30 PE Ϊ40.5 34.1 26.2 Ӫ Բ ù չ ռ䣬ά Ƽ ƽ ȯ
ù ҵ ͷ λ ά : Ŀǰ ƽ Ϊ Թ Ŀ Լ һ ѹ ǵ 2012-2014 EPS 1.44/1.80/2.20 ǰΪ1.55/1.89/2.32 2011 Ϊ CAGRΪ22.4% Ϸ 飨600612 ΪA Ӫҵ ģ Ļƽ 鱦 ҵ ҵ ϴ ʷƷ Ƚϸߣ δ ҵ жȵ о һ ȷ ơ ڹ ʽ ϴ г ڿ ûƽ 鱦 ҵ Ĺ 㲻 䣬6 Ŀ 36 Ӧ2012 25X ӯ ʣ ά 롣
ڲ ҵ Ʒ : ˮ Ƹ Ʒ µ ռ ҵ ҵ ʼ ΪĿǰ ɴ ȴ ڵײ ơ ȫ ø յ յ ơ Ŀǰӵ 3 ܣ ڽ 7 ӵ1.4 ˣ ڽ 3 ڲ 湫
չ ܣ ǿ ĺ ľ η չ ռ䣬 ҵ û õ ά һƪ 桶 Ͳ Ʒ з ơ Ľ Ԥ 2012~2014 EPS Ϊ0.741.151.57 / ɣ "" ε12 Ŀ 25 ȯ
У 601169 Ͷ 㡣 һ ɱ ԡ ϵͳ Դ ռ ȸߣ ɱ 2 ȣ Ϣ Ȼ м ҵ ɳ ġ ۺϻ ԡ ǵ м ҵ շѼ ǿ ܡ Ϣ ʹ г ĸ ƽ ĸ Ӱ 죬 µ 12 꾻 Ԥ Ԥ 12 꾻 18% EPSΪ1.45 12 PE6.61 12 PB1.02 ӯ Ԥ µ Ŀ Ҳ Ӧ µ ά Ž Ͷ
Ʒ м : ڱ н A Ͼ ȩ Ϊ н ʹ õIJ Ʒ ʡ Ᵽ Ʒ Ƽ Ŀ Ϊ г л ϸ ϱ ĵ պ ռ䡣 Ԥ Ʊ ձ ķ ƽ ҹ Ҫ ҵ ë ռ ȴ ȥ 1% 20% ң
ݷ й 糬 ٽ ҵ Ԥ ڣ Ŀǰ ϣ ڹ ҷ Ҫ Լ ɹ ҵ 棬 Ҫ ھ ͺ ӹ Լ Ͻ ܡ ϰ 꺸 ѹ ͻ Ʋ й ǰ800U ö Ҳ ӷ δ ҵ ȡ ڻ 糬 ٽ Ԥ ڣ ʱ ھ ҵ Ԥ ڣ Ŀǰ Ĵ Ļ δ ͷ وٴ ҲϿ 졣
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Thailand's military government who touched nerves backward Chinese warships past: the Northern Army and Navy to capsize spot checks based on "Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements" GB 4706.1-2005, "household and similar purposes Particular requirements for electrical appliances Particular requirements for washing machines "GB 4706.24-2008," Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety dewatering machine sgfa "GB 4706.26-2008," sgfa electric washing machines for household and similar purposes "GB / T 4288-2008," electric sgfa washing machine limit energy consumption and energy efficiency rating "GB 12021.4-2004," Household and similar electrical noise limits "GB 19606-2004 and product quality requirements expressly for protection against access to live parts products, household electric washing machines, input power and current, heat, leakage current at operating sgfa temperature, the electric strength at operating temperature, overflow, splashing water, foam, non-work, stability and mechanical hazards, load imbalance, mechanical strength, internal wiring, capacitor terminal voltage, power connection and external flexible cords, wiring terminals for external conductors, grounding, screws and connections, clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation, wash performance, sgfa power consumption, water consumption, noise, rinsing performance, intake sgfa pipes and drains bending performance, wide voltage design, wide hydraulic design 27 projects have been tested.
5, do not use the washing machine when brushing alkali, gasoline, ene material sgfa and a stiff brush, clean the filter, do not use hard utensils when drains.
7, put some washing machines sgfa Washing spindle sgfa has a filling hole, every two or three months oiler available a few drops of oil to fill the hole. China Product Quality Association, the official said, the industry involves the vital interests of the people's livelihood quality credit risk rating from high to low is divided into A, B, C, D four levels, each level based on risk score, divided into AAA, AA , A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C, D ten, and "+", "-" sign spinner. A, B, C, D four grades, respectively, with green, yellow, orange sgfa and red, as follows:
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Beijing winter rain outside the theater

Beijing winter rain outside the theater
This site has joined the "consumer protection plan," consumers should feel comfortable buying. neyt Gold washing machine "consumer protection plan" to provide comprehensive protection to consumers neyt online shopping. Applied to join the "consumer protection plan," the shop, in the audit qualification Gold washing machine sales through the official website. Gold washing goods and services policy pledges: one enjoys aware configure its purchase of Gold washing machine, right three packs of commitment and service outlets of the real situation. neyt Chapter 2 the right washing machine for gold products and services supervision. 3 the right to choose Gold washer LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Gold washer Company") approved neyt maintenance organizations to obtain any one service. Gold washing machine repair article neyt taken from: Related articles: Panasonic works frost-free refrigerator, air-conditioned saving moves made comments

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Σ ƽ ɱ İ ټ ң

  иᱦ  иᱦС  ʱ иᱦиᱦ
Σ ƽ ɱ İ ټ ң ' ŶIJ ʲƽ 'ߵ ʯ ټ վ γ 'Ͷ ע ʤ ʱʱ'ʱ ټ tt ټ Ӣ ټ Ϸ ʤ 'Ʊ ӯ иᱦ 365bet commercial washing machines
1 սʤ иᱦ һ и ᱦ Ҫ Լ 3919 ţϺ иᱦ ɵɵƳ Ѿ и ᱦ иᱦ С и ᱦ һ иᱦ Ůǰ 첩 ټ ƽ վ 737 ʱʱʲƽ ɽ ƽ IJ' ƽ 'Ͷ עɿ ټ Ź
MORE иᱦ ʵĵ ס (QQ ռ) иᱦ С ɱ5 иᱦ ѵ (QQ ռ) ս иᱦ иᱦ commercial washing machines (QQ ռ) иᱦ иᱦ (QQ ռ) وٴ иᱦ ƾ Լ иᱦ ʧ (QQ ռ) иᱦ Ӳ ʵ
MORE   һ иᱦ иᱦ ü иᱦ 581 313 һ иᱦ иᱦ 10εͳ иᱦ 656 242 ѩ 쿡 иᱦ Ϸа иᱦ Ϣ иᱦ 66 364 ǧѩ иᱦ â иᱦ ЩѾ иᱦ ϼ 㴽 594,541  ɰ иᱦ ǰ иᱦ Ц иᱦ ʵǴʦ 364 318
г OK ʢ 12bet ʢ ƽ ʱʱʲƽ Ź ƽ ''Ͷ עɿ ƽ Ͱ יי